Hello All

This weekend I was really busy as usual and made a delicious snack so within few hours going to share with you..till then be connected with my existing blogs..bye

How I Became Emotional Today ????

Today weekend that is why we went outside for some indoor shopping the meantime the rain started..that is why we all got stuck in the sweet shop..

Beside that one small shop was there where everyday one little boy sells lots of flowers,bouquet , gift items...small indoor plants ...and all..

My husband suddenly getting down stairs and Buyed one rose for me..yes after ten years again getting the beautiful red rose I was quite emotional,speechless, surprised!!!! That is why sharing with you..🙂

My son is not happy because his father gifited me that rose 😂😂😂 ..he was saying ' mama it's mine'....

So really when our children are there that time our loves  are equally devided among us.. which is a awesome feelings..

With A New Post ???

Good Morning All

How are you doing?? Yes I am good and yesterday I made a special chole masala or chickpea recipe which I am going to be share within few hours so be connected with my website..

How To Keep Glowing Your Skin ????

Hi... All

Today after waking up in morning when I was seeing in the mirror it seemed very fresh,and skin was really glowing..

One thing you have to admit that if your skin looks flawless, glowing,charming,young, spotless then who will not be seen very attractive !!! We all desire and dream a healthy, beautiful skin but there may causes some issues for those we have to suffer lots more .

              Causes For Skin Damage
1: Unhealthy Lifestyle- most of the time we all do like eating too much junk food, eating spicy oily,late night dinner,too much addiction of alcohol, smoking,all time spending time with screen ,avoid vegetables,fruits etc are typically main reasons for damages of your skin.

2: Lack Of Sleep - this is the most a big reason for damages of your skin. We all know that we should be sleep minimum 8 hours .Yes yes I know that in our busy schedules we can't get proper slee…

Happy Cool Weekend

Hi All
What you are doing? Had lunch??I am little busy in my work and cool cool wind is passing around ..the weather is also very cloudy ,cool.... feeling cold and writing these few lines from inside the blanket .. actually in cold  I have wrapped me in blanket ....have too much work but feeling sleepy and lazy...ok...going now and coming soon with a new interesting topic..have fun and enjoy your weekend obviously with the Ice Cream..

Without ice-cream weekend is possible!!!! A big NO...I am  having .. you too..bye..

Good Morning

Hello All
Now I am having vegetables noodles in breakfast..yes yes I know this is  not the right time for breakfast but dude you all know I am quite happy smile a very good morning..
Coming soon...🙂


Good Morning All