How Are You Spending Your Winter ???

Hello All...

How are you?? I am very fine...I know you are thinking why now a days I am not giving regular updates...

Actually you know from few days I have started my bags collection and really busy with talking to clients , selling ,sending, catching photos , selection of products and bla bla bla..

For that I am just taking little time to settle guys I think I will get this support from you..

And yes how you spending your winter ?? In our bengali cuisine in this time our mother makes different kind of sweets with new dates jaggery which has been made by newly grown dates juice   and the aroma, taste of this jaggery is just awesome..

Here also I make in every winter..and within few days I am going to share with you those recipes...till then enjoy your winter from blankets with lots more sweets ,cakes..

Because just few days later Christmas and New Year are what's your plan in New Year's Eve ??? Let's rock in the party with bright colourful dresses …

How Was My Dish Yesterday ?????

Hello All...

Today is Saturday and hope you all are doing well..and enjoying your too..

Yesterday I made my special dish which always I love to eat is bengalies soecial chicken curry with less spices but oily...

Seriously believe me the taste was awesome..and after having tight we went to sleep within a minute..

Yes if we eat tasty food that satisfies us from hunger and gives us immense pleasure and happiness to be healthy and happy with body and mind...

Hmmmmm  yes I am sharing that pic with you..
 And all know that from few days I have started my
Bag stay updated with me thing I should assure you that the quality is awesome..

Just take a look in all my bags and experienced it for a new trend....bye...happy weekend

How Is Going On ????

Hello All..

What are you doing ??? I am fine .
Actually from few days I was not able to post anything.

Actually little busy in my work.I think you are now able to understand why I am busy !!!

Actually from few days I am busy in my small business which I have started just few days back.I am quite excited ,happy with it.

Have lots more idea...and want good wishes from all of you.. because from starting only  you have given me a lots more support...

Actually I have started a bag collection from little investment I have started...have lots more dreams...lets see...

And will be coming back soon...till then bye ... have a nice day..

And yes this is one of my bag collection

How Was Our Diwali ????

Hello All

Today I think this is the last day of Dewali...all are enjoying and busy in Puja of lord Laxmi and Kali..
In different different states we all Celebrated in different different ways...

Yesterday we also had Celebrared in our own way...I did not able to do Puja but we celebrated it by burning lots more sparkles at night and tasty tasty food..

And I captured little of it and sharing with you..

How The Relationships Work ????

Hello All ..

How are you ?? What is going on ?? Yesterday at night I was just wondering to see  old pictures of us... because we can't stop the time but can stop or still the precious moments of us by few clicks..

We may become little older but those photos are remain same ,have no change. That is why we always like to shoot our photos or want to frame it ,it may not  be always very perfect , good looking but gives us immense pleasure , happiness, peace,joy in our own.

I am little moody that is why when I am in really off mood that time my husband also does not froce me to do any work because he knows very well to me rather than i myself .

Whenever I feel something good or bad I share all those with my husband ,it may be sometimes different opinions but sharing your emotions with someone special give you immense satisfactory feelings of being well and the importance of  relationship.

Relationship is not meant always to be presented or cool, melting  attitude or making myself an i…

How Was Yesterday's Puja ??

 What is going on ?? Yesterday how you enjoyed ??
In kolkata in every houses Ma laxmi pujas are Celebrated grandly and invitation also after attending all we get little tired.

Yesterday really I also was very busy and completed my Puja nicely and made some dishes which is going to share with you..

And yes I will be sharing the recipe of payasam so coming soon with this and till then bye.. have a nice day.

Happy Laxmi Puja

Good Afternoon All

Today is Laxmi Puja and all are busy in the preparations of Puja decorating with white rangoli , flowers,glitters and all...

women have dressed in red  border white saree with red moon size bindi on forehead and lots more gold jewellery... .

Men and old are busy in the menu for the evening dinner where all the guests will be coming ...kichri,

labra( mixed vegetables ),papad, paneer ,dum aloo( spicy potatoes),kofta,puri,begni( cutlet made from brinjal), sweets , chatni , icecream  are commonly made in these is full veg... even here I am also little busy to do little of wishing you all a very Happy Laxmi Puja .....
I pray to God for all to be more wealthy and get peaceful life for ever...
So now I am going and will be coming back soon.. bye